Smarter navigation for the frontline

Navigation technology for first responders, by first responders

Reduce Response Times

Make use of legal exemptions to open up new routes and reduce travel time

Account for Size

Account for vehicle size and type, ensuring best-fit routes are selected

Enhance Patient Care

Avoid speed bumps to improve patience safety & care

Overcome Urban Complexity

Traffic calming, Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, pedestrianised streets. All designed with exceptions for emergency responders. Time to empower your responders to use them, with specialist routing algorithms for the emergency services.

Demanded by the frontline

Designed by the frontline, for the frontline.

Changes to road layouts, traffic management schemes, and road closures all have the potential to impede our response to the most critically ill people and could delay life-saving treatments or conveyance to the nearest emergency department.


London Ambulance Service

88% of paramedics felt that speed humps interfered with CPR or other medical procedures. All respondents considered that several patient conditions were affected detrimentally by speed humps, particularly spinal or back injuries, and fractures generally.

Mark Bedchamber

London Ambulance Service

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