Frequently asked questions.

Which platforms do you support?

Our solution is currently available on Android smartphones & tablets, and iOS (iPhone/iPad) is coming later this year.

Which countries/areas are supported?

We have generated emergency service friendly maps for the entire world, and will work with you during our initial conversations to ensure our data is suitable for your area.

What are the licensing terms?

We follow a SaaS model with a subscription fee for individual users, or aligned to the number of vehicles in your fleet.

This includes access to the product alongside feature and map updates

What about map updates?

The world we operate in is constantly changing, and our first responders need the very latest and greatest.

Our standard approach is to provide updated maps to customers every month, which is included in your subscription fee.

Do you have live traffic data?

The impact of congestion on emergency response is unpredictable – often gridlocked traffic means emergency drivers can make good progress as they can simply drive on the other side of the road!
We are currently adding visual traffic overlays, so responders are empowered to decide what to do.

How do we find out more?

We’d be delighted to understand your use case and establish if our product would be a good fit for your organisation.

Please get in touch and we’ll arrange a meeting.