Designed by the frontline

Blue Light Maps was founded by a first responder, frustrated by having to rely on consumer navigation solutions that didn’t take into account the needs of the emergency services.

When a Low Traffic Neighbourhood was established, my once-direct commute through residential roads was affected.

As an emergency service responder, these restrictions didn’t apply to me on duty. However, I quickly discovered that incumbent GPS solutions didn’t account for that.

Despite my exemptions, they still guided me through longer routes, incorrectly assuming the same restrictions applied. That was my first realisation that the needs of first responders were not being adequately met.

— Henry Sternberg, Founder

Our Journey

Founded in 2022, mobile mapping and GPS navigation solutions are well established, and we’re not interested in reinventing the wheel.
While our product may be new, it’s based on established technology used by millions around the world.
Technology is ineffective without great data, and with our UK heritage, the Ordnance Survey was an obvious source to enhance our UK datasets.
We’re proud to be part of their Geovation accelerator programme, now based in the Ordnance Survey’s London office.

Product Quality

Our users need to be able to rely on our solution when their focus is required elsewhere.
We run hundreds of tests before each new version is released.


We’re not just shipping a piece of software, we will work with you to understand pain points and ensure you reap the benefits of a dedicated solution.

Feedback Led

We rapidly iterate our product based on direct feedback from users, working with customers to prioritise features important to them.