Bus Gates: The impact on emergency services


In the past year alone no fewer than 17 towns and cities across the UK, from Aberdeen to Exeter, have introduced or approved new bus gates. But what exactly are these gates, and how do they impact emergency service response? Bus gates are a form of carriageway restriction that primarily prohibit most vehicular traffic from […]

Navigating Emergency Services through Low Traffic Neighbourhoods


From New York to Norway, a growing number of cities and local politicians are passing anti-car laws, ripping out parking spaces, blocking off roads and changing planning rules to favour pedestrians over drivers. The Economist In the not-so-distant past, an unfamiliar one-way system was how urban planners would inadvertently lead a driver off course. In […]

Avoid Bumps in the Road: Enhance Patient Care with Smart Navigation

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Recovery from a medical emergency can be a bumpy ride. That doesn’t mean the journey to the hospital has to be one too. While EMS and ambulance crews do their best to get patients to the hospital as quickly as possible, they also often drive through streets and neighbourhoods that have speed humps, potholes, and […]