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Beyond traditional navigation

Blue Light Routing optimises routes for first responders by acknowledging the unique exemptions available to them. Standard GPS navigation solutions overlook these specifics, often recommending longer routes than necessary.

We take into account both the driver capability and vehicle characteristics.

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

Typically enforced by camera to prevent rat running, allowing emergency vehicle access.

Restricted Turns

Over 10,000 no left/right turn restrictions exist to ease traffic flow at junctions, most of which can be used by emergency vehicles.

Bus Gates

Often preventing direct access to high streets, in 2023 alone over 17 towns & cities in the UK implemented at least one new bus gate.

Routing modes

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This mode is designed for vehicles responding with warning lights & sirens,
and finds suitable routes that take advantage of exemptions.

Routes suitable for cars

Ensures routes avoid width/height restrictions,
suitable for Ambulances and Police vans/carriers

Designed for Ambulances with patients onboard, finds routes that
avoid speed humps

Ensures routes are suitable for width/height
of fire appliances. Minimises sharp turns.

Mode that follows normal rules of the road

Motorway access.

There are over 100 emergency access points on the UK motorway network our routing can make use of, in addition to normal junctions.

Timely direction.

By taking account of the vehicles actual speed when deciding when to provide turn instructions, we ensure responders don't miss their turn.

Offline navigation.

No internet access is required to generate routes, ensuring resilience when connectivity issues arise.

Up to 60% reduction in travel distance

In randomly generated routes, taking account of exemptions leads to an average of 10-30% improvements in travel distance depending on area.

Worldwide coverage

Blue Light Maps has map data for the whole world, and is available in most languages.

What our awesome users say

“Have been getting to incidents quicker compared to Google Maps. For instance, today we’ve used a bus only road.

Chad Underwood
Police officer

“A more efficient route utilising exemptions for a no-right-turn saved 3 minutes.”

Paul Smith

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