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January 2024

  • NEW: iOS CarPlay integration
  • NEW: Display of current street name

October 2023

  • NEW: Lane guidance for complex turns (Android)
  • NEW: Street View option added that provides a photo of destination as you approach
  • Navigation voice guidance improved (Android)
  • Roundabout direction improvements
  • UI improvements

September 2023

  • NEW: Routing mode added that avoids speed bumps
  • Offline search improvements

August 2023

  • Re-calculating routes improved
  • Updated translations
  • Routing improvements for poor road surfaces
  • Map data updated

July 2023

  • Improved handling of Google search if no data connectivity
  • Tablet layout improved
  • Stop navigation UI improved
  • Deep link capability added
  • Map data updated

June 2023

  • Option added for Google search (default)
  • In-app bug reporting & feedback added