While our navigation solution can operate completely offline and independently of other systems, we do offer a number of integration options for your existing technology stack.

Whether you already have mobile solutions that offer incident data in vehicle via a MDT or mobile device, or are looking for a standalone device for navigation that integrates directly with your CAD/control room software, we have a solution for you.

Mobile Data Terminals / Multi-purpose devices

Blue Light Maps has the capability to build routes and commence navigation based on data from other software on the same device. 

If you currently have a solution that allows emergency crews to receive and read incident details on a mobile device, a simple on-screen button could be used to pass the Blue Light Maps app the relevant destination information, quickly building a route and navigating the emergency crew to the incident without requiring manual input.

Control Room API Integration

Often having too many solutions on a single device can be ineffective, or even cause issues in complying with regulations intended to reduce driver distractions. You may therefore wish to have a dedicated device that handles navigation in a vehicle, and for your navigation solution to be able to talk directly to your control room dispatch solution.

We can integrate Blue Light Maps directly with your control room software. Our API integrations empower your team with seamless communication between the control room and the field, optimising emergency response operations. Here’s how our API integration works:


Controller with headset on
  1. Efficient Dispatching: When an emergency call is allocated to a vehicle callsign, our API enables the control room to swiftly send incident details and precise location coordinates directly to the Blue Light Maps app on the designated vehicle(s). The app instantly generates the fastest route, ensuring that your emergency crew reaches the incident without delay.
  2. Status Updates: Our API can allow for two-way communication, allowing responders in the field to update their status directly from the Blue Light Maps app. We can even prompt the crew to do so as they reach their destination, ensuring that your control room receives timely updates on vehicle status, streamlining dispatching and resource allocation.

White Glove Service

We appreciate that technology implementations and integration requirements can differ significantly between different services. Our team of experts will work closely with your technology department and other vendors to ensure a smooth and secure integration.

We’d be happy to arrange a meeting to discuss the best option for you.