Enhancing Patient Care with Smart Navigation

At Blue Light Maps, we’re dedicated to optimising ambulance routes for patient care. Our smart navigation solution is designed to provide a smoother, safer, and more efficient journey. We do that by enabling ambulance drivers to choose routes that avoid speed humps.


Unique Navigation Capabilities

Traditional navigation systems often overlook the unique challenges faced by EMS and ambulance crews. Speed humps can make the ride uncomfortable for patients. The clinical research in our blog uncovers the impact and shows a better way.


Ambulance going over a speed hump

Blue Light Maps: Your Path to Enhanced Patient Care

Our mobile app uses custom routing algorithms to find the most suitable routes. We’re the only navigation solution that allows users to choose to avoid speed humps when generating routes.

Advantages for Patient Safety and Comfort

  • Smooth Ride: We ensure a comfortable journey, especially important for patients with pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Reduced Risk of Injury: By avoiding speed humps, we minimise the risk of injuries to patients and staff alike.

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